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The Future!

The epic struggle to achieve victory in the painting race for the Battle of Skull Pass is done and I have enjoyed a period of time away from my painting desk. But lately I’ve been feeling the need to have the paint brush and exacto knife in my hands once again. Also, I have been spending a little bit too much time on eBay and have somehow become the owner of the makings of three more armies (Empire, Lizardmen, and Beasts of Chaos) in addition to my nearly finished Skaven.

While I could chip away at my armies in solitude, I found it alot of fun to have to post my progress (and mock my stunty opponent).  So, I have asked Krug if I could continue to post here.  He graciously bellowed something about wrestling a yak which I interpreted as hearty approval.

So, what you may be seeing in the future here:

  • Converting on the cheap ( such as making a dragon ogre out of an ogre top and a cold one bottom).
  • Pimp my Chariot
  • Dr. StrangeMagnet or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Neodymium (a guide to magnetizing bases)
  • Blood Bowl team paint off!
  • A Stompa is a Wonda, but a Slasher is Flasher! (I am filled with the madness to try to make a Slasher Gargant for next year’s con)

Any thoughts or requests would be great.

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