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The Painting of Skull Pass - Goblins Day 38


The goblin contingent of the Battle for Skull Pass has arrived ready for battle in all their painted glory. And in case you cannot make it to Quarterstaff Games in Burlington to check them out in person, here is a picture.

If you are curious about Warhammer Fantasy and have never played before or have only played a few games, you should definitely sign up for MINI312: Warhammer Skirmish Battles on Saturday morning, where you will be provided with an army as well as a patient person to teach you the rules. More experienced players can also sign up, as they can either use their own armies or borrow one at the con to play some great skirmish games.

Any and all interested parties should stay for MINI316: Warhammer Megabattle: The Battle for Papelotte, which finishes off Saturday in a wild conflict of several armies clashing across the board.

During the course of the day, we will award these painted goblins, the painted dwarves, and some gift certificates or other prizes as well in such a way that experts and new players alike can have a chance to walk away with something cool.

Goblins rule!  Dwarves drool!

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