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Cartography for the Discerning Conventioneer

When embarking on any expedition, it’s vital for the well-prepared traveler to know the lay of the land, especially in the kind of environ best described as “a maze of twisty passages all alike.” This phrase can be applied to both great underground empires and many aboveground hotels with equal accuracy.

And thus, to aid those peripatetic souls who have not yet ventured into the realm now known as the Essex, we offer this preview of a most excellent cartograph prepared by Geoff Duke, someone with much experience mapping lairs of creatures both eldritch and fearsome. Be sure to keep an eye out for the secret tunnel. Guaranteed to be free of giant spiders!*

* 90% of the time. Okay, maybe 80%. 60%, absolute minimum. 45%-ish.

Mirrored from Northeast Wars IX.

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