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Nothing But Carnage 2009

Found circulating regional mailing lists and presented without comment — okay, maybe just a little. ;-)

FOR BEST GM RESULTS: Submit your games by fourth of July.
FOR BEST CON ENJOYMENT: Get your room now, Lake Morey Resort is 85% Full.

Dragons enchant and dungeon delve. Riggers evade as mercenaries incite negotiation gunfire. Come! Tend honor under long hard unappreciated games. Lend out roles in obvious unknown scenarios. Resolve, Eulogize, Submit! Unseen rewards require enduring commitment. Think it out now!

Since everyone continues requesting event themes, then here emerges messaging, enjoy! I am irate again. Can themes happen? Unlikely! Lest happen unkind familiarity, themes are gone now!

The games are starting to roll in and you can be certain that we will bring….

Nothin’ But Carnage
Celebrating 12 years
Nov 6 – 8 , 2009
Lake Morey Resort, VT

Carnage really is a fantastic weekend dedicated to gaming. The Lake Morey Resort is gorgeous and has a spa and on-site movie theater, should such things interest your non-gaming family members, while Lebanon, NH, a merely thirty minutes’ drive to the south, holds a diversity of attractions, including more movies and tax-free shopping.

Get those rooms reserved now!

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