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Twitter Nation

This weekend at Northeast Wars, if you have the means, join our Twitteralong. Twitter is a microblogging service where users post messages of 140 characters or less. In the case of events like Northeast Wars, twittering is a great way to organize spontaneous gatherings, inform people of something cool or awesome happening right then and there and sharing your experiences with other people, as well as keep up with things if you couldn’t make it this year. To learn more about Twitter, check out Scott Hanselman’s article How to Twitter. And as long as you’re making account, why not follow the official Northeast Wars Twitter feed?

The Essex has wifi access for guests and a public internet terminal in the lobby, so you can access Twitter via the web as well as via a mobile device.

If you do join in the Twitteralong, add the hashtag — explained in Scott Hanselman’s handy guide, above — #newars to the end of your tweets. That way, other people using Twitter can easily follow the action at the convention and you can follow what they’re saying. For example, clicking here, you can see that the tag’s already in use.

Go forth, gamers! Go forth and roll those dice! And then twitter about it!

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